Friday, November 11, 2011

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In 1992 eCopy Inc the company brought to market a NEW simple to use PDF Program known as Simplify. Simply put
simplify, was the easiest PDF Program on the market to use. Today this simple to use software  is known as Desktop. 
Official name: eCopy Desktop made by eCopy Inc the Company. There are millions of users with version 8.x and 9.x 
The upgrade to eCopy Desktop is eCopy paperworks. Same look and feel as Desktop yet works in Windows 7, 64bit machines and 
64bit MS office 2010 too.  In 2009, Nuance the company purchased eCopy Inc the company. Nuance kept the eCopy branding and with that introduced their own PDF Program side by side with Paperworks. This software is named eCopy PDF Pro Office. You therefore have choice. Buy Paperworks  and keep the same simple user experience you have kown for years and years, or upgrade or buy NEW eCopy PDF Pro Office.
5thNK's partial customer list  Simply put 5thNK is  the #1 reseller of eCopy branded solutions worldwide. 

About 5thNK "5thNK's eCopy branded customer list" 
Visit 5thNK's youtube channel to see tutorials on the software 

 Same look and Feel as eCopy Desktop Software Versions
 8.x and 9.x. Buy this one for the same experience 


           e-Delivery in 40 minutes or less
users of Desktop 8.x or/and 9.x this software has 

The same look, feel, and experience.
Paperworks REPLACED Desktop 

Choose your language prior to buying
e-Delivery to your email inbox 40 minutes after you click on add to cart you will have your software


      e-Delivery in 40 minutes or less. 

This software is the most powerful PDF software on the planet.  100% diff user interface than Desktop or Paperworks

Choose your language prior to buying

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