Thursday, September 1, 2011


eCopy September Specials 2011

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Our Regular price $188.00 List Price $212.00


 Our Regular price $188.00 List Price $212.00


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 eCopyPDFProOffice_vs_PaperWorks_vs_Acrobat9 (2).pdf

eCopy PDF Pro does a lot more. However since it does more you will be required to learn more. 
eCopy Desktop users who are upgrading, eCopy PaperWorks has the same look and feel as Desktop Software
What is the differance between Desktop and PaperWorks? PaperWorks works in windows 7, 64bit machines and in Citrix. 

eCopy PaperWorks    VS   eCopy Desktop Software 

2,000 plus customers 100's started out with the Evaluation. Updated June 24 2011. 
eCopy PaperWorks or/and eCopy PDF Pro Office NEW! 

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