Tuesday, October 12, 2010

eCopy Support

eCopy Support


eCopy Desktop Software stopped shipping in  2009

  1. eCopy Desktop Software 8.x not shipping, not supported! as of July 2009

  1. eCopy Desktop Software 9.x not shipping, supported for now

Most Current version and name of eCopy Software  *PaperWorks *2009.1 (this software replaced eCopy Desktop software)
*PaperWorks *2009.1 Designed to work in Windows 7 environments and 64bit. eCopy Desktop No Win 7, no 64bit
*PaperWorks *2009.1 Designed to work in Terminal Services/Citrix environments. Desktop no!
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eCopy Desktop 8.0 has been discontinued and is not being supported.

Shipping Status
Support Status
eCopy Desktop 8.x
No longer shipping
Support discontinued as of July 2009
eCopy Desktop 9.x
Shipping until October 2009
Currently supported
eCopy PaperWorks 2009
Currently supported

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